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Cayenne, A., Turcios, A. E., Thomsen, M. H., Rocha, R. M., Papenbrock, J., & Uellendahl, H. (2022). Halophytes as Feedstock for Biogas Production: Composition Analysis and Biomethane Potential of Salicornia spp. Plant Material from Hydroponic and Seawater Irrigation Systems. Fermentation, 8(4), [189].

Fassbender, U., Papenbrock, J., & Pilz, M. (2022). Teaching entrepreneurship to life-science students through Problem Based Learning. International Journal of Management Education, 20(3), [100685].

Fussy, A., & Papenbrock, J. (2022). An Overview of Soil and Soilless Cultivation Techniques: Chances, Challenges and the Neglected Question of Sustainability. Plants, 11(9), [1153].

Hornbacher, J., Horst-Niessen, I., Herrfurth, C., Feussner, I., & Papenbrock, J. (2022). First experimental evidence suggests use of glucobrassicin as source of auxin in drought-stressed Arabidopsis thaliana. Frontiers in Plant Science, 13, [1025969].

Murteira, M., Turcios, A. E., Calado, R., Lillebø, A. I., & Papenbrock, J. (2022). Relevance of nitrogen availability on the phytochemical properties of Chenopodium quinoa cultivated in marine hydroponics as a functional food. Scientia horticulturae, 291, [110524].

Nguyen, X. V., Phan, T. T. H., Cao, V. L., Nguyen Nhat, N. T., Nguyen, T. H., Nguyen, X. T., Lau, V. K., Hoang, C. T., Nguyen-Thi, M. N., Nguyen, H. M., Dao, V. H., Teichberg, M., & Papenbrock, J. (2022). Current advances in seagrass research: A review from Viet Nam. Frontiers in Plant Science, 13, [991865].

Nguyen, X. V., Nguyen-Nhat, N. T., Nguyen, X. T., Dao, V. H., McDermid, K. J., & Papenbrock, J. (2022). Microsatellite-based analysis of the genetic diversity and population structure of the seagrass species Thalassia hemprichii from southern Viet Nam. Aquatic botany, 178, [103497].


Giordano, R., Saii, Z., Fredsgaard, M., Hulkko, L. S. S., Poulsen, T. B. G., Thomsen, M. E., Henneberg, N., Zucolotto, S. M., Arendt-Nielsen, L., Papenbrock, J., Thomsen, M. H., & Stensballe, A. (2021). Pharmacological Insights into Halophyte Bioactive Extract Action on Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Relief and Antibiotics-Type Mechanisms. MOLECULES, 26(11), [3140].

Nguyen, X. V., Nguyen-Nhat, N. T., Nguyen, X. T., Dao, V. H., Liao, L. M., & Papenbrock, J. (2021). Analysis of rDNA reveals a high genetic diversity of Halophila major in the Wallacea region. PLOS ONE, 16(10 October), [e0258956].

Nguyen, X. V., Lau, V. K., Nguyen-Nhat, N. T., Nguyen, T. H., Phan, K. H., Dao, V. H., Ho-Dinh, D., Hayashizaki, K. I., Fortes, M. D., & Papenbrock, J. (2021). Update of seagrass cover and species diversity in Southern Viet Nam using remote sensing data and molecular analyses. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 44, [101803].

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